Do your screens keep coming out? Unfortunately, I repair more screens due to improper installation than from damage or wear. If your paying for a repair, have it done right by a screening professional.

     The average life span for screen can be anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on the location.  Over time, the suns UV radiation will cause a screen's vinyl coating to wear off and expose the silvery fiberglass threads inside. At this point the screen is very brittle and will tear quite easily. If your screen looks like this then it's time for a re-screen.

If your screen is worn out then re-screening your entire porch is less costly in the long run than continuing to replace individual panels. A quick inspection of the screen can determine if a re-screen is needed or if single panels should be repaired.

Common Screen Room Problems

Door hardware - The most common problems with screen doors are broken latches, rusty closers, broken hinges or an improperly installed door that "just never worked right".  Often, when a latch breaks the homeowner will attempt to replace it with one from the local hardware store. These latches are seldom a match and can be problematic if they work at all. If your doors don't work right I recommend replacing the door kit, hinges and bug sweep if needed. Replacement kick panels for doors are also available. I can make your problem door work right.

Repairs & Re-Screening
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